Lasering the top of text and the the bottom of the text

Can you please tell me why this is happening, the laser comes back and dose the under bit

Without knowing what laser you have, what controller, what version of Lightburn, an image of what you’re trying to accomplish, an image of what’s actually happening or some screenshots of your Lightburn cut settings, we’re not going to be able to do anything other than pull guesses out of a hat.

Blake is correct here - you’ve provided basically no meaningful information that can be used to help you. Screen shots of the file you’re running, the settings you’ve applied to it, and some pics of what you’re trying to describe makes life much easier for those trying to help.

That said, I’m going to guess since your favorite feature was Flood Fill and you made such a fuss when it was removed, that you’ve enabled it again and are just using it for everything. You shouldn’t - it does weird things with complex files.

Turning on “Scan Shapes Individually” can help, but you’ll find that for almost every type of job, Flood Fill is slower than just a normal raster. It’s really only useful for frames, or if you’re running your laser quite slowly where the whitespace traversal really is taking up the bulk of the time.

yes i know about everything you have said,but to be fair i did not know that flood fill was back, i have not had it for months,as you very well know,as for your rude answer AGAIN, this is why myself and a lot of other people go to LB page on facebook, i “Scan Shapes Individually all the time, next time it might be nice to mention when s feature like FLOOD FILL are back, you told everyone that you were taking it down so why not let people know that it is back, i was doing an old file and did not even think about FLOOD FILL as far as i knew it was not there,as for not giving you the correct information,come on, a little bit of Common Sense is not hard,when i put the question up on facebook i got an answer in two mins, they also had no information, they just used their Common Sense,like you did in the end, thank you

Every release I do is posted with release notes:

This link was posted here on the forum, on Facebook, on Twitter, and our website, and does mention the return of Flood Fill.

I’m sorry you feel singled out, but you have been combative on here and on Facebook towards me and a number of others for a very long time. You have improved however, so you’re right, I should not have been immediately rude toward you and I apologize.

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I am only rude to people when they are rude to me and i will always defend myself, and to be fair some of the people on facebook think they are better then other people when really they are just full of crap, i also apologize to you if i have been rude but i will not take it from the others and i will defend other people if they are getting RUDE SMART ANSWERS when really all they want is a little bit of HELP. and one more thing,you say i need to put up more information when i have a question,so far every question i have asked has been answered on facebook first and they have all been the correct answer and great help.

Merry Xmss

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