Lasermaster2 with macOS

Does this work with my mac?

If you mean the Ortur Laser Master 2 machine, it should. LightBurn works on the Mac, and will control that laser. You need MacOS 10.11 or later, but that should be the only requirement. I have also seen mention that updating the firmware on the Ortur machines needs a PC, but I haven’t seen that verified.

Thanks but
in the installation manual it specifies installation of Host Control Software?

The software that comes with it likely does not work on the Mac. LightBurn does. I don’t have a Laser Master 2, however I have the original Laser Master and it works fine from my MacBook Pro, and they probably use the same controller.

I should explain my issue better. When I launch light burn it scans for devices then I pick to auto scan. When I click lightburn jumps down to my taskbar or dock. when I open it from the dock light burn crashes

Turn off your Bluetooth headphones (or disable Bluetooth completely) during the scan. You can turn it back on when it’s finished, but Bluetooth devices were causing trouble because they show up as serial ports.

The next release should fix this permanently - I think we’ve finally sorted how to filter them out.

awesome. I will try that. That is probably the problem. I say this because every time I scan for the device my bluetooth devices come on and say “im ready to connect”. I will shut them down.

it installed grbl, but I dont seem to see things working like in the tutorial. I can pick to choose the laser position

i get communication with controller failed. Should I delete the app and reinstall?

That’s pretty much never the answer with LightBurn. Where do you see this message?

I found the prob. I needed to choose usb on the right side tool pallet

are you still there

This is a forum - it works more like email, where we pop in and out all the time, and sometimes we’re “live”. If you have another question, just ask it.

Do you know if this 15W lasermaster2 is what I need to hole punch stitch holes in leather?

If the leather is relatively thin it could work, but I have no idea how well it would work for thicker stuff. Leather is pretty tough. A library I have for a similar power laser (about 5W of output power) uses 2 passes, 3.3mm / sec for speed at 100% power, and that machine has air assist. Without air assist it will be harder and take longer.

Thx That there is some info I will try. You know what be cool in the lightburn software. If it had some presets for different media’s.

Currently, LightBurn does not provide preconfigured ‘Materials Library’ files as we support many different systems all requiring different settings to build a set of library presets. Our current development focus is providing additional controller/hardware support along with adding additional features for managing and editing artwork and job control settings. You can test and build your own presets and store in a Library, tuned for your setup.

Is the lasermaster2 a 15 watt power consumption with 5watt laser output?

I’m not sure the output, but there is no such thing as a 15w laser diode. If you read the fine print on most of these “15w” and “20w” systems, they state that it’s input power, not optical output power, so the output could be anywhere from 3w to 5w.

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