Lasertech LX90130 settings

Hello All,

I have just purchased a Lasertech LX90130. I am finding it difficult to find the right settings for materials. At the moment I am trying 6mm mdf. Any suggestions would be super.


MDF can vary from batch to batch and with humidity.

A materials test is the best place to start with your engraver and your materials.

I googled the model number of your engraver but came up short on finding out the specifications on the tube. The length and diameter of a laser tube will accurately convey its designed power rating if there is any doubt or discrepancy in the documentation.

How many Watts under the hood?

Engrave or cut?

When I have new material, I pick something close and use that until I find the right combinations.

I realize you have a new machine…

I have a 50 watt China Blue…

Finding a cut speed/power… I draw a line and set a ‘ball park’ speed and power. I know it won’t cut at 50% so I will give it a shot at maybe 75% and a relatively slow speed of 10mm/s.

Cut a strip of material, the width of your line. Put it in the machine and see how it cuts.

If it goes 3/4 way through, lower the speed or up the power…

You can go into the Ruida control panel and change the speed/power until it cuts through.

As has been noted, it will probably vary across the plywood as what’s inside varies greatly.

Good luck


Thank you so much for your reply’s.

After many test cuts I got the mdf cut at 12mm/s at 80%. I can still clean it up but it fully cut through and I was delighted.

It’s a 150w machine. Going to try 6mm Baltic birch next and see how I get on.

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Air assist will greatly improve your cutting. If possible, I’d highly suggest it. I usually use about 30 psi for cutting wood/mdf.

Generally, I wipe my finger across the cut, some use a paper towel. The less ‘soot’ the better…


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