Laset to router compatibility

I created a cad file for my cnc router using Vectric V carve Pro. I cut my part on the CNC router. I then wanted to laser engrave some text on this part using my laser. I exported my file to Lightburn and placed part in the laser. When I ran the laser path it was out of correct location on the part but the graphics in Lightburn looked correct. Both machines have been verified for position and repeatability. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Assuming its the same controller and both Vectric and Lightburn are controlling the laser directly. Are you using absolute coordinates on your light burn?

Also are you homing each time to validate X0 Y0?

I am using User Coordinates being the center of the part as X0, Y0. The machine homes out upon start up.

I would try to validate, that both Vetric and Lightburn - when asked to go to your defined coordinates are hitting the same spot

Maybe use a simple cross mark that you can mark on vectric
Then use the laser to mark that same spot via Lightburn

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