Last position question

Is it possible with Lightburn to move the laser to last position with a command and not the mouse curser?

It’s not clear from your post. Can you elaborate what it is that you’re trying to do?

How is the laser not already in the last position?

Finish Position not do what you want?

Say for instance I want to engrave something and my design is always based off of the center of the grid, now I would like to engrave a different design based off of the same center of the grid. I would like the laser to always base the framing of the design from the same location without having to use the mouse to send the laser to the last position.

The finish position is home, and it goes home.

I’d suggest looking at using “User Origin” as your Start From mode. This may get you what you want.

In this case, place the laser where you want the center to be, then use “Set origin”. With Job origin at center position, your jobs should now run from center of specific user origin position.

More information here:
Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

Then change the finish position. Mine homes at 0,0 and finishes at 410, 750…or wherever I tell it to…could just as easily be 205, 375 (dead center for my bed).

Thank you!

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