Latest LB level does not have width and height boxes when an object is selected

width and height boxes not available when I upgraded to LB 1.6.03. ???
How do I go backwards to previous level

Do you mean these?


Yes, my screen has this missing. I’m running a longer ray 5 on a hp pc windows 11.

I’m on Win 11 as well, although that shouldn’t be the issue. Screen resolution or font size might be but from what you say I’m assuming all you’ve done is update LB and not changed anything like that. If you right-click on the toolbar do you have 'Numeric Edits checked?

Found it, had LB on a reduced screen window and another LB window infringed upon the hight/width boxes. As soon as I expanded the area in question the boxes popped up. Changed to full screen they popped up. Thanks everyone. Closing this topic

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