Latest update question

I notice that I must have items selected in order to preview or run the job after the latest update. Is there a setting to disable this feature? There are situations where it would be handy, but therer are times, like now, that I definitely do not like it.

Check to see if you have ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ ticked ON (green) in the ‘Laser’ window, you will want that turned OFF (red).

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You rock! Thank you so much!!!

It’s sometimes weird, what’s good for one the other does not want …
I feel that this feature is indispensable for me especially because I often have many individual parts of a project that I want to process individually.


I agree, when I learned about the Cut Selected Graphics option it totally changed how I used LightBurn. I am able to keep multiple items in a customers file and only cut the ones he currently needs.

Love this feature also. We make a lot of models used in STEAM education and its really nice to be able to go into a sheet of items and just pick those you want. Even nicer would be to then gather those parts and cut them in a bounded area to save material :slight_smile:

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My approach is the following: let’s say I want to make a car, I place all individual parts as efficiently as possible on the size I have available. Now I use layers T1 or T2 to frame it all (with the dimensions of my work area and the constructed car drawing). After I cut out the whole car, I group it all together and save it as a project. If I now need a spare part, I download the project “car1” and place it next to the actual work area in LightBurn, un group it and take out the spare part that I want to use, as a copy and place it in my work area, exactly where I want it. The camera function can be used to take advantage of the last blunt wood. - fantastic.

For smaller projects I like to “abuse” my art library, create a new library, fill it with the individual parts and use it just the way you want - wonderful

Haha love it Thanks Bernd… Will try this next after all the fun I’m having today.

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