Latest update what changed?

I there a way to download a older version of Lightburn? Is there a Archive section on the lightburn webpage? Not sure but i updated to what ever the newest version is now for some reason my setting i been using on the same project dont work i laser this same thing 7 time same everything is the same setting and not working like it did. This is on GRBL diode laser.

There is a version archive here:

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Thanks Rick i will reinstall the older version and report back. Last night it was burning clean updated before bed and was like the laser lost all power. So i got out half of my diode laser to see if my 3.5 was going bad.

Sorry Paul, but I don’t understand. The bottom 2 images look successful. What am I missing here?

Top one there is streaking, bottom one that is how it lasered clean no streaks. Both tile was ran on same laser and settings. I ran 3 yesterday all was clean and no streaks.

If you download 0.9.04 (or whatever you were running before) from the version archive you’ll be able to see if it behaves the same.

You haven’t mentioned anything about the file, your settings, which version of GRBL, etc. “What changed” is a very long list, available on the release notes page here:

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