Layer 27 Pre-loaded with Start & End pause times enabled

I usually work with the first few layers, but on a project today I chose layer 27 on a whim. I set speed, power and kerf offset and let it run. When it got to the part of the job assigned to layer 27, it behaved strangely. It just stopped with the laser continuing to fire. Then it started again cut the next layer 27 lines and stopped again. I aborted the job and looked at the cut settings for layer 27. All looked normal, until I clicked on the Advanced tab. Start and End pause times were set to 7,400mS and power was set to 80%. Cut Through switches were enabled.
Now I didn’t think that I had messed with these settings, because why would I? SO when I installed Ver 1.2 tonight I took a look at Layer 27, before I had ‘contaminated’ it with any of my files. This is the same with the Advanced settings all set up!. I suspect all LightBurn downloads have these values pre-set, because it hasn’t been cleaned up after some software testing. But it’s potentially dangerous as leaving the laser in one place for 7.5 secs with the beam at 80% power is going to burn most things.
Curiously these settings didn’t show up in the Pre-View I did before hitting run.

Can somebody check their Layer 27 advanced tab and let me know if they see the same thing?

I don’t get the same as what you’re seeing:

But I also have it set so that my layers are reset to default for every new file and have set a default for that layer.

Note that if you’ve ever loaded a file designed by someone else where they used that layer it will persist on your system with the typical LightBurn configuration.

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