Layer creation problems

I am all new to Lightburn and have just cut my first things on my Sculpfun laser.
But I have a big probnlem which i have tried for hours to solve.
I cannot get the layers colours in the bottom of the screen to appear. Where the heck are thy ???

Try this and the layers will probably come back.

Thanks for the answer. It did not help. Any other suggestions?

What’s the vertical resolution of your display? If it’s less than ~1000 pixels then you may not have enough vertical space to show layer selection area without modifying your application layout.

Collapse the 2 right window panes into a single pane or simply close the windows of one pane until you only have a single tall pane. That should allow enough space for the layer selection area to come into view.

My display is a normal laptop with 1920x1080 resolution.

I have attached a screen shot of how it looks

This might sound like a stupid question but have you tried maximizing the application window?

Hi Marcus

In my Lightburn world there are no stupid questions.

Hi Marcus
In my Lightburn world there are no stupid questions
By the application window do you mean the panel where you do all your work??
( See this is probably a very stupid question)


They are hidden behind the taskbar. Resize the window like others have said or auto hide the taskbar.

I suspect that the bottom of the main LB application window is present but is ‘off-screen’. You can either move the window up a bit (but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to move it enough) or maximise the whole window. @Bikemike 's screenshot shows what you need to click to maximise.

Damn it it was simple. Bikemikes screenshot did it. I would never have come on that myself.
Thanks to everybody for your effort to enlighten a novice

I was pretty sure that was the issue, I’m glad that fixed it. FYI here’s a very basic tutorial on window management which you might find useful: Windows Basics: Navigating Windows

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