Layer need to shadow /lock / exclude layer beneath - so the image beneath is not getting burned under this text

Im making visit cards / Business Cards in wood …

I have a logo image, that i want to burn, except under the persons name.

so im burning the logo in relative low wats, so it only appear light brown on the wood but multiple burns, so i get about 0,5 mm indentation in the wood.

across over the logo, im writing a name and i do not want the logo to be burned behind that name, is there an easy way to do this ?

(I need to do it for about 100 different names)

so if there was an option for one layer / element to lock that space so the next layer did not touch it it would be perfect

Can you elaborate to give a more clear picture of what you are trying to do? You have a background Image and the “name” in front. Each name is slightly different etc… So you want a border around the name? Just to define the name in front of the image. Please attach a screenshot of your design and lets see if we can help you.

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