Layer selection BUG

Hi guys!

Please notice that if I have 2 different layer with same number (Let’s say IMAGE and CUT both as layer 00) if I SHIFT+CLICK on one of them (for global selection of that layer) it selects ALSO the other layer


Layer 00 has both the image and the cut? Then you do not have 2 layers. Assign the cut part to Layer 01 or 02, and you will get the expected results. this gives you the ability to burn the image, then cut it out as a second step, which should be logical.

it wasn’t like this before, I could have selected them separately… was handier… Anyway, thanks for the answer

Sorry to step in
Version 1.7.00 Beta I am able to select individually with SHIFT + CLICK.

TY, this is whta I was meaning, there was an unusual change.

Version of Lightburn you`re using?
Also post one file where this happens.


I update

I just did a test with an image and some text both on the same layer. Even without the shift key, I was able to select them individually, until I Grouped them. LB 1.5.06

Even grouped I can select individually.
But if I SHIFT + CLICK I can only delete with the trash icon, if I select by mouse right-to-left I can delete with the DELETE key also.

@parsec can you do it with this file?

Selection Question.lbrn2 (156.9 KB)

Even grouped I can.

HAAA!!! @Zovi and I have a settings button issue. Now we just have to figure out which one. :grinning:

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No guys, I mean SHIFT+click on layer list, not directly on designs…

Layer list >>> SHIFT+CLICK on image (layer 00) … even vector shapes in layer 00 (same number but logically different) are globally selected

Was what I did.

Layer list not work for me either.

I thought I found it (see image). For 2-3 tries, it worked on the text (ungrouped 12345), but not the image. Then it quit working. Nothing I could do would get it working again. I give up!

Mine is enabled.

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