Layers behave differently

Hi all,

I noticed that I get different results with layer, despite similar settings.

Here for example

Layer 20
Speed 8000mm/min
Power 70%

Layer 12
Speed 8000mm/min
Power 20%

  1. the layer 12 looks much darker despite less power
  2. the layer 12 is much darker towards the ends

Are there any settings?

Thanks in advance!

How large are this objects?

If you ask it to go 20000mm/m (~780mm/s) the machine is probably incapable of that kind of speed.

When you change directions it has to slow down and speed back up
You have it set for about 133mm/s can your machine get to that speed in such a short distance…

You can clearly see on the horizontal lines (top and bottom) of the lower powered layer doing just that…

Might want to try a larger box and slower speeds… The machine says it will run 800mm/s which is very fast for one of these, but they don’t mention acceleration…

You might do better using the Lightburn materials test on filled rectangles. You will probably see a difference there…

Good luck, let us know…


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