Layers filled and then cut problem

I have 3 layers, 2 cut and one fill, when lightburn starts it fill everything including where it later have to cut, how do I prevent that ?


With the image you post, it is difficult to discern what you have going. Please provide a full-screen capture, so we can see the layer settings for this job. :slight_smile:

Sorry here is the complete screen

I have order by layer and after order by priority.

Don’t think this addresses your problem… but

Assuming the black is the cut layer, usually it’s done last. Lasing something after you cut it out is generally not a good procedure.

When you have these issues, and you haven’t already, use the preview at a speed when you can tell what it’s doing. Sometimes it’s easy to spot a problem that way.

If it’s ok to post, it’s nice to have the .lbrn2 file for evaluation. You can drag and drop it where you edit your reply.


Thanks for trying ;), My problem is I have parts where I cut trough and engrave (red color is engrave and the blue line is cut), the part that has to be cut out don’t need to be engraved (would save time if it didn’t have to.)

You would have to copy the blue vectors, and make the copies red, to make holes in the red layer. Have a look at this snowman to see what I mean:

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Got it that’s a lot

I was a little late, but I had already started. :slight_smile:


My God a whole video for me <3, now I totally get it, I’m so gratefully you send time doing this for me thanks a lot

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