Layers mis- aligned

I have started creating my own multi layered projects. I’m not sure why this is suddenly happening, but the project isn’t engraving as it shows it will on lightburn. Entire layers or parts of a layer are always off. Multiple projects doing the same thing. For example, the outline cut isnt aligned with the filled image it outlines, even though it shows correctly in lightburn. I have started designing projects over from scratch, and cut so many that cant be used, and cant get a single one to come out correctly. I have also sent the file to my 80 watt omtech and ran it from it, still has issues. The only thing i can see that seems a constant is it does it for projects that have many elements and multiple layers, as very simple basic projects turn out just fine. Can anyone tell me if this is a software issue, an issue with my editing, or do you think its something with the laser. I cant afford to continue to waste so much material and have no solutions. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I don’t see anything that looks like a wild jump, Backlash or lost motion.

On a Fill Layer, under the Advanced tab, is an option to Flood-Fill. It is intended for large continuous swaths of filling and it is often misapplied. When it is used for fine details it can generate strange motion. If it’s selected it would be wise to shut that off as a first step.

Did the art work start off as an image or a line-art (vector) file?

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