Lazer homes far off grid

Neje 3 max. Origin bottom left. When I send the laser home it goes to the top left instead of bottom left like it’s supposed to. Also even though it homes, light burn shows the current coordinates far off my grid. It is homed right now but shows coordinates x1215.00, y2245.00 please help.

The ACTUAL corners of my work station are as follows

Bottom left <idle|WPos:1215.000,1215.000,0.000|FS:0,0|Pn:P

Top left

Top right

Bottom right

Why do you say the machine should home bottom-left? I believe Neje 3 Max homes top-left even with bottom-left origin.

This indicates that you have a work offset configured. Did you do this intentionally?

This indicates that the laser is reporting work position rather than machine position. This would require a GRBL configuration change to $10. Did you do this intentionally?

If you did not make these intentionally then run these commands one at a time in Console:


Once complete, power cycle and retest.

It’s been a while, and I’m just getting to this, but I’ve played with it so much it’s diff now than when I posted. Was the command u presented a general command (here is the corner of my board) or something tied to the specs I gave?

Basically my problem is still this: light burn thinks the bottom half of my bed is actually the top half. Exactly half… I think. I believe when I extended my bed something got thrown off in lb… My bed is 1030 long, but if I go to 0,1030 it’s about 515 mm off the top of the board. Homes to the corner fine… This is so hard to explain… Light burn just has my bed area in the wrong position

If I send anything to the top half (top left is home) it hits the top rail, because it thinks the bottom half of my bed is in the center of it’s actual position, and the top is 515 mm above my bed

They’re specific to your circumstance but not linked to a particular location.

Please run them and report back the behavior. I’d suggest rereading the post just to make sure you have context.

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