Lazer not burning at same rate

when burning there is some areas that burn lightly, what may be the problem? thanks

More information is needed to give good advice. What material are you trying to burn? Are you trying to burn vectors or graphics? A sample of your file, and or a screenshot of your file with the cuts tab visible could be helpful. Give a little more info, and you’ll get some good advice.

Post a photo…


I’m new to this lazer burning been about two weeks doing this trying to learn every day. Here is a picture of two material test burns I did. the one on the left I put in balsa wood the one on the right I put in birch plywood since I don’t know what it is.

Ok. You have a 5.5w diode, right? Your speed is set to inches per minute, right? What speed and power are you using on the text? 100% power at the slowest speed? It would be really nice to see the cuts tab on this file. I am guessing you mean you are using the settings from the material library for those two woods, right? Where did you get this test file? Post the file.
With the limited information provided, I see two potential problems. 1, the settings for each box isn’t what one would think they are. 2, your laser is out of focus. The info above would be handy.

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