Lazer turned off, and I can’t make it to engrave

Hello there.
I have never owned a lazer machine. I bought Atomstack A5 Pro Lazer. However, I have spend 4 days trying to figure how it works for a simple name engraving over an aluminum brush. I have try everything, at first the lazer will turn on and engrave one line instead of the letters, now the light won’t turn on and the motor fan is silent. I need help before I return the lazer and cancel my LightBurn software. This is very difficult for a first time user on a very simple print.

Can someone help me?

When the laser is like this, does the engraver ‘go through the motions’ as if it were engraving or is it motionless?

With the Fan off, and the laser not working, power is not getting to the laser module.

If the absence of power is limited to the laser module (laser and fan), check for broken wires or a plug that has come loose.

The motors run on the same power supply as the laser module, if the motors still move fine, the premature failure is likely loose, broken or damaged wiring to the laser module.

Hi John! The lazer is working now, but it only engraves a line not the letters I need. I am afraid the machine is too complicated for beginners. I am trying to print small labels over nail brushes no more than a 7mm long and 3.5mm tall. Not sure how to set the measurements and power for aluminum brushes.

The Tool Layer T1 or T2 may be used to help guide your engraving.

Click T1 (or T2) at the bottom of the screen and Click the Rectangle tool on the Left.

Draw a Rectangle, (anything is fine…) Click the Lock button and unlock it.

Enter the numbers in the boxes to make the rectangle the size you need.

Add the text, but put it on a regular layer.

The 5W is a great choice for fine detail.

Good luck with returning to Atomstack. I bought an A7 that was dead on arrival. It took from January through July with emails back and forth every two weeks (they ALWAYS wait that long to respond) before they agreed to the return. Even then they wanted to charge me 75% DEPRECIATION on a machine than never burned a single mm. Ultimately I went to VISA with all of my emails and was granted a fraud refund. Atomstack is bad news. Send it back and look at the Roly.

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