LB 0.9.22 Missing Scanning Offset Adjustments

@LightBurn I had a scanning offset adjustment set for my laser and after updating to 0.9.21 and now to 0.9.22 when I check the device settings it is no longer there.

I am NOT connected to machine right now. If this makes a difference.

Window 10 Home 64 bit

Connection to the machine doesn’t affect this, but if you have more than one device configured, the settings are stored per device. Is that possibly it?

If not, you can revert to an older version of your settings - go to File → Open prefs folder, then close LightBurn (this is important). In the prefs folder is a backup folder that stores the last 100 changes - grab a copy from before you updated and copy it over the main prefs.ini file and re-start LightBurn and it will adopt those prefs.

Would this issue be attributed to this?

And then you fixed LB to show my controller was a 320A instead of a 644XG.

No, it shouldn’t be - when I mean “per device” I just mean the entry in the device list on your computer. If you only have one set up that won’t be what’s happened. Every once in a blue moon someone’s settings file gets corrupted and might not write completely. It’s rare, but it has happened, which is why we added the backups.

I only have one laser. LB showed it as a 644xg but it was actually a 320a. Then you updated LB and now it shows as the correct controller. A 320a.

Can’t remember if after that update (0.9.21) if I had to add a new device or not to show the correct controller. Kinda thinking I had too. This would make sense on why the settings are not there.

Would the backup file still transfer over even though the controller is the same physical controller but now labeled as a 320a instead of a 644xg?

Yes, it would - they’re still both just using the Ruida device profile in LightBurn.

Your solution worked!

When LB loaded the old prefs the device showed up as a 644xg.
Looked at the scanning offset.
Took a picture.
Closed LB.
Reverted back to the new prefs.
Open LB.
Laser shows as a 320A.
Entered in the previous values.
All good to go now.

When updating LB or as a backup procedure would it be possible to have LB automatically save individual settings (scanning offset adjustment, camera configuration, etc. Anything that can be saved as an individual configuration) to one file? Or is prefs a “global” save of all these individual settings?

It would be nice to have a file like that so you could send all the configurations to another computer for one that designs on several computers.

It’s possible to just export the device profile. It’s also likely that it was just the name you entered for the laser that was different (which LightBurn sets for you when you use the ‘Find my Laser’ tool). The actual important bit is this:


And you can export / import profiles already:

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