LB 1.4.0 switching between 2 cams freezes cam controll window

I didn’t found anything with search on this topic.

I use a NEJE 3 Plus with an about 3 m USB cable towards a cheap USB2.0 hub where I connect the Neje Controll Board , a Logitech C525 and and Annadue 4K webcam.
When I start LB I select one of the cams and all is fine. But when switch to the other webcam, the cam controll window freezes.
After closing and opening LB again, all is fine again, until I switch camera.
It looks like LB has an issue with 2 Webcams.

I closed LB and checked cams with Windows kamera app, no issue there. I can switch the cameras multiple times without any issue.

What do I wrong ?
Or is this a bug in LB ?

If you remove the USB hub and plugin both cameras directly to the computer do you still experience the issue?

I just connected both USB cameras directly to the PC and the behaviour is the same.
I got some times (but not every time) a crash pop up window and crash log file, see attached.

I can reproduce following behavior.
When starting LB, I can get one camera feed activated either the C525 m or the Annadue 4k, but never be able to change to the other cam for none, after I got the camera picture in the camera control window

  1. start LB with none and switch to 4k Annadue, no further change works
    or start LB with none and switch to C525, no further change works

  2. start with C525 Logitech, no change to Annadue or none works

  3. start with Annadue, no chnage to C525 or none works

I have always to terminate LB and start it again to switch to a different camera. See the 2. screenshot showing the C525 camera picture and with trying to switch to the Annadue 4k the Update Overlay button (and next 2 buttons) greys out and the camera feed freezes.

Crash popup screenshot camers switching

LightBurn_Crash_Log camers switching.txt (7.4 KB)

screenshot showing the C525 picture-change to 4k Annadue fails

I’m running LB 1.4.0 on Windwos 10 Version 22H2 on Amd Ryzen9 3900X with 96 GB of RAM

I got after some more testing again a crash, see attached files including -2- in the name. This appears with the hub being used.
I’m not sure if the first one popped up with or without hub. (as crashes does not always happens)

Crash popup screenshot camers switching - -2-
LightBurn_Crash_Log -2-.txt (7.4 KB)

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Thank you for reporting this.
I have escalated it to the Dev team.

Thanks for including the info and the crash logs.
That makes life easy.

did the developer come back with any feedback or solution ?

I haven’t seen anything yet but I’ll check where this one is at.

Short update from my side. I worked further with Lightburn and currently the camera window lost connection to both cameras without switching between cameras. I started the the Windows 10 camera app and this is working with both cameras. It looks like an issue Lightburn related.

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Any update from the developers on this issue ? Or can I look up the ticket with the developers myself ?

I’ve bumped this internally again.
A developer has been assigned to address some of the persistent Camera issues. I’ve tagged him in the Internal Chat in LightBurn.

The ticketing system for the Dev team isn’t publicly accessible.

Thx for the update.

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Sorry to push this topic again, but if I do it not, the topic would be closed.

Is there any update from the dev team on this issue ?

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