LB 1.6.03 Project Notes

I’m using LB 1.6.03 and trying to add notes to a project.
I’m opening show notes, adding my text, Clicking the “Show on file open” button and saving my file.

The issue seems to be that when I reopen the file the project notes pop up doesn’t open and theres no text showing.


Just to be clear, you are clicking the OK button at the bottom and not the X at the top right to close the notes window?

Works for me.
If I create a note via → File → Show Notes and then save the file, I can display the note the next time I open it via → File → Show Notes.
And then there is a small button “Show on File Open” in this window. If this is active, the note is automatically opened the next time the file is opened.

Yes The Show on file open button

I’m also saving or importing the graphic into my library. When opening the file from the library the show notes doesn’t open. If I add notes and save the file to my (Desktop) and open it again the notes opens. Opening the file from the library I have to click file and show notes for the notes to open even thou the show on file opening is checked?

That’s not how the art library works. It is meant to store individual elements for future use in other projects, not a complete project file. The notes are stored in the project file, which should be stored to a location on your computer.

Opening the graphic from the art library would not have the notes, opening the project file from a stored location on your computer should include the notes. I believe that is the behavior you are describing.


Yeah, that’s it in a nut shell. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I’ll revert back to saving files.