LB 9.19 new feature - Cut Through...recommended settings?

I’ve been using LB with a BossLaser-5598 150W machine for going on 6 months now, and I have learned more with hands-on than anything else. But there’s a new problem that just started cropping up with the latest update to V9.19. One of the products I cut is a K-cup holder, and prior to V19, the holes for the pods cut fine. Now with the update, there’s a “punch” - essentially a burn mark and/or blowout that ruins the cut - where the laser starts and stops for each hole. I contacted LB support and they told me about “cut through,” found in the “advanced” tab in "cut settings editor that is supposed to allow for a better cut on the circles.

Has anyone used this yet that can give me advice on settings? I usually cut .118 acrylic at 1.1"/sec on 90% power.

Thanks in advance!

Cut Through was probably suggested as a thing to make sure you didn’t have enabled, because it does exactly what you’re describing - It pauses with the power on at the start or end of a cut.

Which version did you update from? If you revert back to that version, do you get the clean hole cuts again? If you do, and you can save an RD file of the same job from both versions of LightBurn, I can compare them to see if there’s a settings change between them that might be causing this. I can’t think of anything it would be.

Older versions are here:

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