LB camera exposure, 3rd party cameras, and default resolution

I have a Red/Black 700x500mm laser with honeycomb bed. The Lightburn 5MP camera really doesn’t like to auto-expose the calibration target against the darkness of the bed. I tried a generic 8MP USB camera that exposes better, but the default resolution recognized by LB is 1600x1200.

I know that @LightBurn is working diligently on a redo of the camera module but, in the interim, I’ve found something that “works for me”.

Debut Video is discussed in a different thread and allows exposure and other camera settings to be adjusted while also being active in LB. It, however, doesn’t allow you to change the resolution. I’ve found that various “Webcam splitter” software (not linking, because I don’t necessarily trust them not to have some form of malware, but so-far-so-good) allows both exposure settings as well as resolution change.

Using a webcam splitter, LB uses the splitter as its video source and you can modify live, as you wish, outside of LB.

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That’s great, I used a Raspberry pi 2 with motioneyeos turning the camera into an ip cam, and ipcamera adapter software on my laptop (windows) which gives the possibility to adjust exposure and other settings, only my rpi 2 with wifi stick had a too slow performance to do its job properly.

Can you utilise the full 8mp resolution in Lightburn using your aftermarket camera with this software?

Yes. Full control of the camera outside of LB, including resolution.

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