LB camera requirement for iMac

I have 2010 iMac will the 8mp camera work on it before I purchase it ?

We’re currently having difficulties with cameras working on Big Sur, so we are not able to support that. Otherwise it should be ok. The simplest way to test is to run LightBurn on that computer and see if you can select and get an image from the Facetime camera/ another webcam. If you can, then you’re good to go.

I dont have any webcam, but if I buy it and it does not work. can it be retured
and my laser area is 900mm by 600 mm , which camera do you suggest?
Thank you for your quick response.
shiraz paracha

I’m afraid not, all our camera sales are final.

In order to choose a camera, you will need to take some measurements of your laser.

We have a great resource to help you with camera selection: Which LightBurn Camera Should I Get?

More information about using a camera is available in our documentation here:

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