LB Camera Sold Out

LB Online store shows all cameras sold out. WT#@* When will they be back in stock?

Cohesion3D has the 140 degree variant in stock if that one suits you and you need it now. We’re in the middle of a coast-to-coast move, and will be out of them for a bit during the relocation. 140’s and 120’s we actually still have, but I set all the counts to zero so we wouldn’t get orders while we’re in transit (about a week). Other variants we’re actually out of, and will need to get a new order placed with our vendor, so those will be about 3 weeks out.

Wow! Coat to coast?! Where to/from? Stop off in TN, surely you’ll go thru that state at some point… we can put some ribs in the smoker and relax a spell…

Cali to New York I believe. Hopefully they’re not driving…

We’re driving - with two pets, Cali to NY. Today will be day 4 of 7 on the road.


Wow, that’s intense. I absolutely hate driving any distance like that. Me and the girlfriend took a Ford Econoline van out to Colorado from Michigan, with a chihuahua and 2 cats. Never. Again.

Anyhow, best of luck to you all. Honk when you drive by Michigan. :wink:

Well be safe. Will check back later. No big rush on the camera. Still learning the software… thanks!

Decided to measure for camera. Bed size 750 by 400… Distance from bed to inside lid at handle where I’m planning on mounting the camera is 29"(736mm) with lid open.
750/1.5= 500mm minimum for the 120 degree lens
750/1.4= 535mm minimum for the 90 or 80 degree lens

Am I calculating this correctly? Which lens would you suggest I order?

Thanks. This forum is awesome. I have learned so much here!

Your math looks right, so the 90 is the closest match, and the 120 is close behind. I definitely don’t have 90’s in stock, and won’t for a bit, but the 120’s will be available once we’re set up again.

Ok great… I guess I will keep checking the website… Thanks!
BTW- Moving sucks! :slight_smile:

any idea time frame on the 90 cameras? any alternate solutions?

The 120 showed in stock so I ordered that one a couple days ago.

It’ll be a couple weeks - We let stock run out because we were moving and weren’t sure when we’d be set up again. That’s all done now, so the next batch is being made.

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Hi guys,
Any hope for 60 degree camera in the near future ?
Thank you.

Yes - we’ll have more stock arriving early this week.

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