LB crashes all the time


I have just downloaded LB, and it worked fine for 15 min, but now it stops responding at almost no matter what I try to do. I am a mac user. What to do?

When you say “LB crashes all the time”, do you get a crash report generated when this happens? You have not provided much for us to go on here. What version of OSX are you running and what version of LightBurn? What type (CO2, diode) of laser and what controller/firmware is driving it?

Sorry, here comes some more info…
Mac OS High Sierra - Version 10.13.6.
Lihtburns is the latest free trial version, LightBurn.V0.9.04
I use EleksMaker A3 Pro 2500mw.
Not sure about (CO2, diode or controller/firmware, can I see that anywhere?

No crash report? When you say “LB crashes…” what happens? We need a better description of what is happening, what you did and what the result is. Please try to provide a detailed explanation as we can not “see” what is happening on your end.

EleksMaker A3 Pro, that indicates that you are using a gcode controller. Typically the machine ships with an older version of grbl so go with the GRBL-M3 device in LightBurn. Ideally, you would upgrade to GRBL 1.1f and then use just the GRBL device. There is a separate group for these types of machines on Facebook and quite a few people there use LightBurn, so they would be able to advise you more.

Here is another great resource for your setup.

As another member previously posted, “Scroll down to the bottom “operating instructions” and follow that, once you have it working in Elekscam, it should work in LightBurn. Follow the instructions to the letter and that will get you up and running…”.

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