LB crashes when selecting USB camera Mac

I have LB installed on Mac running BigSur. I can see built in camera and USB camera I intend to use for LB. It is a HBVCAM FHD camera.
When I select EITHER camera in LB via Tools>Calibrate Camera Lens “choose camera” LB instantly crashes.
“Lightburn Quit Unexpectedly”
MacOS generates the attached report.

I searched this and other forums, but have not seen a solution to this.
LB Crash Camera.txt (102.1 KB)
Thanks for any help you can provide.


Does LightBurn have permission to use the camera?

The crash appears to be deep within the core MacOS A/V libraries, not within LightBurn. I can’t see anything meaningful in the crash info - I just ask for the camera.

Thread 0:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x00007fff204c371a __open + 10
1   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x00007fff204cbb42 open + 209
2      	0x00007fff2058a690 _CFReadBytesFromFile + 162
3      	0x00007fff20589ef8 CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource + 488
4      	0x00007fff20589982 _CFBundleCopyInfoDictionaryInDirectoryWithVersion + 854
5      	0x00007fff205892ce _CFBundleRefreshInfoDictionaryAlreadyLocked + 111
6      	0x00007fff20589240 CFBundleGetInfoDictionary + 44
7      	0x00007fff2068b47e _CFBundleCreate + 903
8      	0x00007fff205dc4ba _CFBundleEnsureBundleExistsForImagePath + 55
9      	0x00007fff205f6678 _CFBundleEnsureBundlesExistForImagePaths + 52
10      	0x00007fff205f63d8 _CFBundleEnsureBundlesUpToDateWithHint + 38
11      	0x00007fff205ca059 CFBundleGetBundleWithIdentifier + 295
12           	0x00007fff28617b82 FigCFCreatePropertyListFromBundleIdentifier + 26
13          	0x00007fff37a19fc0 +[AVCaptureSession_Tundra avCaptureSessionPlist] + 35
14          	0x00007fff37a39b59 -[AVCaptureDALDevice supportsAVCaptureSessionPreset:] + 64
15          	0x00007fff37a12783 -[AVCaptureSession_Tundra _canAddInput:failureReason:] + 400
16  libqavfcamera.dylib           	0x000000015043bd1e 0x15042e000 + 56606
17  libqavfcamera.dylib           	0x000000015043baae 0x15042e000 + 55982
18  libqavfcamera.dylib           	0x000000015043614a 0x15042e000 + 33098
19  com.LightBurnSoftware.LightBurn	0x000000010eb27006 CameraCap::StartCamera() + 38

Line 19 is LightBurn code - the three lines above that are in the framework we use, and the 15 above that are Apple’s code.

Perhaps I skipped a step. I’ll confess I don’t know how to check to see about permission to use the camera.
Since it works with other apps, FaceTime, for instance, that is a good spot to start.

I’ll hunt around.


If you check your security settings for camera and microphones, it should be listed there as an allowed application. I have seen it crash before if the app isn’t authorized, though usually you just get a “non working” camera.

no listing for LB at all.
I think next step is likely uninstall LB and reinstall.
I’m on the provisional license, so I don’t know how this works.
Giving It a whirl now

I just plugged a camera into a new M1 Mini running Big Sur, and I get the crash, along with a blurb from the OS saying:

“This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain a key with a value explaining to the user how the app uses this data”

I’ll have to look up how to do this, but it seems this is the issue.

This may be the path.
I unistalled (deleted) and reinstalled.
Accessing camera from “choose camera” in camera control yields same crash.
No entries or prompts in “security & Privacy” in OS Preferences.
no prompts or asks for permission granting.
Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve made the appropriate change and it no longer crashes my debug version. I’m in the middle of trying to track down a different issue, but I’ll try to get a new build posted with this change soon.

Try this version:

YIKES! That was fast.
Works. No crash.
I’m astounded by that response. Seriously.
I guess that’s why everyone raves about Lightburn!



Oh. Sorry. Yes. It asked for permission to use the camera.
This is great. Thanks so much.


You’re welcome - We don’t always catch things immediately, but we do try to be responsive.

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