LB does not load last settings propperly

I am new to laser cutting and at the moment learning with LB. Unfortunately there is something weird happening each start of program.
W10, LB 1.0.06
Does not matter if I start LB by double click on LB icon on desktop or double click on any existing project. Behave always the same.

  1. So I open LB by double click on existing project. focus-calibration.lbrn (22.9 KB)
  2. Wait to LB fully opens with project.
  3. Click File->Save GCode and let it export.
  4. Open result file and there are commands like: M106
  5. But I am sure that I have changed it to “Inline” sometime ago.
  6. So I go to Edit->Device settings and it is there as on image snip.jpg
  7. If I click OK (nothing change, just click ok)
  8. And regenerate gcode it is ok now, if I click cancel and regenerate it is still with M106
  9. If I click OK and exit program and start again it is again generating M106 but set is Inline
    Am I doing something wrong?

I believe this issue is discussed here:

A potential workaround. Try plugging in the laser and connect while you do the save gcode.

Else try reverting to an older version of the software.

Thank you, at least I know that it is not on my side. Unfortunately workaround is not usable for me since I do not have cnc next to PC. I am carying in to another room on SD as gcode.
Anyhow thank you and hope it will be fixed soon.

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