LB does not rescan bluetooth Virtual SerialPort on changing the port

Hey Guys,

I’ve been using Bluetooth to serial adapter for connection to my grbl machine.
I noticed that if I close LB and open then only it scans the port.
While I would like it to rescan when I select or switch the COM port in Lower right Laser Tab → Devices ->COMxx

Could you confirm if thats the case… meaning LB only scans connection at bootup ?


I feel like you’re leaving out some context. Or at least minimally a problem statement. What problem are you having that you’re asking about port rescan?

Also not sure if you’re using the word “rescan” in a very specific way. But LightBurn will certainly pickup changes in state to the port. For example, with no devices plugged in LightBurn shows no port connections.


However, after plugging in a device more port options will appear in that pulldown. You may need to right-click on Devices to attempt a reconnect.

What adapter are you using?

Does this work? Interesting configuration…

@berainlb may be correct with the ‘right click on ‘device’ button to attempt a re-connection’


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