LB Hanging on Start Up

I have installed Linux Penguin on my Lenovo Chromebook and following the instruction I found in this forum to download and install the .run file. It all seemed to work great however when I click the logo to open the program it hangs up. This is my first experience with Linux. What am I missing?

I’m not familiar with this distribution? How did you arrive at it? Do you have a link to the site?

How are you running the program? Is there anything else that you see when attempting this? A screenshot would be helpful.

If you can run Lightburn from the command line it might provide more details.

It’s likely that Penguin is an unsupported distribution. I believe LightBurn is tested with Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, and some older Fedora distributions. Others here have gotten this to work on newer distributions but that will generally involve installing additional support libraries.

If you’re new to Linux just be prepared that this may require some investigation and learning since you’re not on a supported distribution. And Penguin is seemingly a more obscure one there may not be ready documentation to follow.

This is a picture of what downloaded when I installed Linux.

Screenshot 2022-08-19 10.03.17 AM

It looks like you have an Arm based Chromebook. LightBurn is not designed to work with Arm chips and I’m not aware if x86 emulation is available (at least readily) on that setup.

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