LB Mac not sending file through USB


I was using LB on my Topwisdom laser cutter without a problem for a long time, but now I can cut normal shapes, but when I try to fill in a complex shape, LB won’t send the file to the laser. Preview works fine and I can save the file to a USB stick and transfer it to the laser. But, the USB cable that I’m using is not transferring the file with a traced image with filling to the machine. I’ve tried reinstalling LB, even reinstalling the Mac (Catalina). Nothing works.
My windows PC using LB works fine.

please help

This is unfortunately a known issue with MacOS and FTDI devices. FTDI makes the chip that Ruida and TopWisdom use for their USB serial ports. Apple includes a driver in MacOS that handles ‘virtual serial port’ devices, including the FTDI chips, but if you have the FTDI driver installed (and most do) they basically fight over who gets to talk to the port, and it gets locked out until you cold boot the machine. The PC doesn’t have this problem (not even a PC running in Parallels on a Mac).

This is a walkthrough of how to fix the issue from the terminal on the Mac:

The alternative is using Ethernet, though at the moment I don’t have Ethernet support implemented for TopWisdom, but I’m hoping to get that going soon.

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