LB "Not Responding" after sending file to laser

I still haven’t figured out why LB doesn’t find my laser when I turn it on, so I have started leaving the laser on but cutting off the LSP every day in hopes that my computer and laser will stay connected. Which has started a new problem, anytime I send a design to the laser and I go back to LB to send another one or start a new design LB starts (Not Responding). So I have to shut down LB, then unplug the laser from the USB so it will find it again. It’s becoming very frustrating. Help Please!!!

Do not know if this will help, Windows updates sometimes changes some settings. The one to check is the power save feature of the USB interface.

Windows Systems Tools
Computer Management
Device Manager
Universal Serial Bus controllers
Find the USB driver for your laser and double-click on it.
Click on the Power Management tab in the new window.
If the box is checked, you found a likely cause. UNCHECK it.

Thanks Mikey, I will look at the settings.

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