LB trial won't install on my new laptop

When it goes into discovery of laser screen, it fails to go any further. I am new to the product (can’t test if it doesn’t load da). New computer is Microsoft Surface Pro. Will be running the laser of my Dell. The surface pro can be removed from my shop and used for development.

2 things to check for:

  1. You may need to install a driver for the machine. Check in Device Manager if a COM port is being created for the machine when turned on and connected. If it’s not or showing a missing driver then install the CH34X driver from here:
    USB to Serial Port Chip CH340 - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics
  2. Is this for an xTool laser? If so, you would typically import from an xTool provided .lbdev file instead of detecting the laser. You don’t list your specific model but xTool has web pages dedicated to setup of each model with LightBurn which includes a link to the appropriate .lbdev file. Import that file during the device creation process.

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