LB UI gone haywire

Good Morning All,

I have just switch my machine on to find this mess. Ive tried playing with the UI settings but nothing is retained when restarting the app.

Any suggestions?

Im on W10 with 4k monitor at 200% scaling.

Researching… What is the size of your screen? Is this a laptop?

In the meantime:

Came here to report the same issue. Window layout defaults to original configuration when LB is closed.
Running 0.9.20

Only thing that has changed since yesterday/the entire time I’ve been using LB (when I know it was working as expected) was a forced Windows update last night - not sure if that’s related.

Good morning all. I swapped to another computer since I was strugling on this. I opened up the machine this morning (with the issue) and it was working fine.

I refuse to admit that a simple restart would fix this issue, but it seems in my case that it did :smile:. If I have this again I will look into it more. Thanks all!

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