LB will not finding Xtool D1 Pro 20W

searched other threads and couldn’t find a solution.
LB is on latest software
Xtool D1 Pro 20W is on latest firmware
opening LB and going to devices and import then importing the D1 config file (v3) adds the D1 profile into the drop down but the laser remains disconected.
Cannot find a solution.
Using a Mac, now Com port as the xtool website says to use ( I believe that is PC only)

anyway, some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Andrew,

Selecting a COM port is not PC only. You should see a few options in the drop down menu in your ‘Laser’ window, and when you select the correct one you should see a response in your ‘Console’ window. If you only see two and neither are working, try restarting LightBurn to see if a third appears, then select it.

thanks for the reply. yeah the D1 pro shows up in the drop down, but when selected it does not change from discounted to ready in my laser window. with my d1 it works fine, once selected it changes from disconnected to ready. no such luck, restarted everything multiple times.

the message in the console is “waiting for the port to open” already in use?

Apologies- to be more clear, with the xTool Pro profile selected, you then need to select a COM port from a separate drop down menu.


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I only have these options. the D1 is plugged into the USB port.

The cu.usbserial-110 port looks like it should be correct. When you select that, you see nothing in your ‘Console’ window?

Are you able to connect to your D1 Pro using xTool’s Creative Space software? Make sure it is not also open and connected to your laser when you try to connect using LightBurn.

yes, it connects to XCS fine. and I make sure to close it before opening light burn. Here is what I have found works. I have a xtool d1 that uses a different config, even though I imported the D1 Pro config, the D1 (not pro) config was the default. So when I open up LB my pro is connected by USB but it defaults to the other config, when I select the Pro config it will not connect to the Pro laser and continues to stay in the “disconnected” status and the console says “port is busy”. I had to change the pro config to the default so it would use that file when I open LB. It looks like I will not be able to run 2 instances for my 2 lasers at the same time with one computer.
Not sure if any of this makes sense.

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