LB wont read my controller AND camera issue

For some reason, when I opened LB, the initial setup came up but it wouldnt read my Ruida controller. I had to manually add it. Then when I tried to update the camera overlay, nothing happened. I could see the bed through the mini window on the right but it just wont update onto the main work area.

50w Chinese laser with Ruida.

How is your machine connected to the PC?

LB doesn’t detect network-connected machines, only USB.

Can’t help with the camera - don’t use one.

Its connected by USB. No new updates to my computer.

For the camera, have you done the calibration and alignment?

I previously had it configured.

Do you have the ‘show’ option checked green in the camera control window in LB?

Every once in a while when installing a new version, the prefs get corrupted and I’ve never been able to figure out why. This would explain why it didn’t know about your controller or camera. If you go to Edit > Open prefs folder, there’s now a backup folder kept with a history of the last 50 changes to the prefs. If you quit LightBurn, then copy one of the backup files over the prefs.ini file in that folder, then re-start, you should have your settings back.

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