LB won't use complete bed

Ok what am I overlooking. Probably right in front of me and I’m looking too hard.
Have had this issue since switching to LB long time ago.
I create a project in LB and set to 11.750" x 11.75". My bed size is 12"x20".
LB will not do it. I have to scale it back to about 10.5" to get it to work.
Yes, I get the frame slop error that I learned how to correct years ago.
Problem is, it cuts my image off at either the top or bottom, whichever way I set it up.
I export to a dxf file and load it in RDWorks at 11.75" and it works fine.
This is the only reason I use RDW anymore, to do things larger than 10".

Have you checked Device Settings:


Have you confirmed the settings on your controller:

You may want this disabled as well under Settings:

Thanks Stroonzo
I’m pretty sure that was the first place (device settings) that I went to a long time ago but I will double check when I get home today.
I was thinking that my problem may be in the machine settings, but on second thought it probably would not work with RDW as well. I was kinda hesitant about changing things in machine settings under x & y axis because I was not sure what the heck that really big number was. Duh, now I realize it is in mm.

Are both of these two places where I can tweak the numbers a little bit to gain more y axis as this axis could travel almost another inch without interference in the machine?

Thanks, the machine settings is what fixed it.

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