Lbdiag issue crashing

has anyone else experienced issues with lbdiag (or whatever its called) crashing when using “save as…”’.

causes it to terminate, and then when i try to resave again lightburn goes into not responding mode.

only started happening since the update but when i switch to coreldraw and save, the dialogs save as expected etc, so thats sort of telling me its not my pc or windows explorer.

I am not having any issue with the ‘Save as…’ function within LightBurn running the latest version.

No idea what this is. Can you reword this, please?

There have been a few over the last week or so, please be more specific. What LightBurn version number are you using?

You identify Windows, please share what version as well.

So in answer…

Windows 10

And I’m presuming lbdiag is the process that lightburn calls in order to open up the save as dialog box.

It is this process that crashes.

Ah, so you are getting a crash report? If yes, please forward to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and link to this post. We will take a look.

Nope no crash report as it’s not lightburn crashing but that seperate process

LBFileDialog is a process that was created to fix issues with thumbnail previewers on some Win64 systems crashing LightBurn.

If you go to the LightBurn program folder and rename or delete LBFileDialog.exe, the program will fall back to using the built-in file dialogs. I’ll have a look and see if I can find any way for the Save As to fail. Are youu just trying to save a project file?

Does it crash before the Save As thing comes up, or after, or … ?

Hi Oz :slight_smile:
Thank you and it crashes before it appears and im just attempting to save

That is very strange - I’ve been looking through that code and there’s really nothing that should be able to crash it. I’ll keep poking around…

Hi Oz :slight_smile:
I deleted that file as you indicated and haven’t had an issue since - I wonder if something went amiss between the updates.

I’ts possible, but deleting it means that it’s being bypassed now. If you install another version it’ll be back, so I’ll be curious to see if it behaves then.

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