Lbrn2 file will not load

I have been working on this file for the past 3 days. I have been saving and reloading the file and on over these 3 days. This morning when I tried to load the file it would not load and displayed a page like if I was starting a new project. When I go to windows explorer it displays the Lightburn icon and the size is appropriate with what it should be. When I roll the mouse pointer over the icon it displays what appears to be the save file.
Does anyone know how to get Lightburn to red/load the file. I sure would hate to have to start creating this file all over again

Not sure if it can be recovered but can you upload the file here? Support might be also able to support you at

Did you try loading it and then clicking on the ‘zoom to selection’ icon zoom-to-selection

When I load something, it’s selected…


Got back to the forum sorry for the delay in getting back. For some reason all I had to do was reboot the system and everything worked.

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