Le laser revien à l'origine avant la découpe (The laser returns to the origin before cutting)

Bonjour à tous,
J’ai dernièrement changer lighburn de PC, et donc les paramétrage ne sont plus les même. ainsi, avant chaque découpe, le laser passe par l’origine, ce qui peut être assez handicapent. Si vous savez comment désactiver cette option, j’utilise lighburn 1.4.05.

Hello everyone,
I recently changed my PC, and therefore the settings are no longer the same. thus, before each cut, the laser passes through the origin, which can be quite disabling. If you know how to disable this option, I’m using lightburn 1.4.05.

If you have access to your old computer, LightBurn saves user preferences on your local drive every time a change is made to settings and keeps the last 50 copies of this ‘.lbprefs’ file.

If you were using Windows 7 or Windows 10 previously, the file may be in a directory within your ‘Documents’ directory. The files are named based on the date they were created so it is easier to select a file that will contain the correct preferences.

You can move a copy of any .lbprefs file to a USB memory stick or SD card, or even email it to yourself. Once that file is in your other computer, you can select ‘File’ (along the top row), and ‘Load Prefs Backup’ and restore your settings.

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