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Hi all .
In ruida there is a very important and useful option of lead in and out for cuts,
It helps a lot when it comes to acrylic cutting,
The problem is that as anything with ruida it’s not well programmed since it doesn’t have a memory to remember the option so each cut needs to be reprogrammed ,
I am wondering if Lightburn can add this option to the software as soon as possible this would be a huge help?

Thanks for this and yes, it has been suggested before. You can show your support too. Sign up and add your vote.

BTW, this is our exclusive feature suggestion site for voting, tracking, and notification of status change as well.

At this point, you will need to manually edit your current path to add these additional lead-in/out sections.

You’re overdoing it a little with the “exasperated level of importance” you’re lavishing on this. I get it - you’d like leads. Noted. :slight_smile:

Lol you might be right, but it is very important for us to cut small letters the inside is hard to control if the lead in is not able to make
Btw this program is assume:)

I must be missing something important. I have no idea why lead in/Lead out is a useful function. I understand the importance on the CNC but why is it needed with the laser? I have cut lots of acrylic and never saw any problems without it.

When cutting metals you often dwell in place to pierce, and the heat build up will discolor the entry point, and if cutting really deep acrylic you can have the same issue - the initial pierce can leave an indent at the start point.

OK, thanks. I have never tried to cut really thick acrylic and I can’t cut metal so that explains why I have never had a need for the lead in.

It’s actually a very useful feature,
Not all laser machines have good acceleration on X & Y So sometimes when it starts the movement on the Gantry can leave a certain undesirable effect on letters on the starting point, so it might not be such a useful feature for some machines, but for lots of us folks in the acrylic sign industry, it comes extremely handy on literally every job, that’s why most controllers have dedicated option for lead in and out with multiple settings where to position to lead in and on what angle just like any other option in the software not everything is useful for everyone some people find certain things extremely useful for them while other options is not so much ,
the same with this option for us if we find it extremely useful, you might not find it so important:)

Also when you cut extremely tiny letters that we do often it’s a life saver to be able to get a clean cut! Hope this clears it up :slight_smile:

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