Lead-in Control

Hello, I’m running Lightburn 9.24, and I’d like you to try something, using the hexagon tool create a simple triangle then add a lead-in to the layer. Now I’d like to see if you can convince the lead-in to be inside the triangle? If you can achieve this please get back to me and teach me your secrets lol.

This is my attempt to suggest increasing the lead-in angle max to -180 through 180 allowing for full 360-degree control. Maybe it’s just a nonissue but hey who knows maybe I’ll be helping another person with future projects too, I just think it would be nice. There is no such thing as too much control when it comes to CNC am I right.

I didn’t know where to drop a suggestion haha. But I did know if anyone could figure it out and teach me the ways of the laser wizard it would be someone on here.

Thanks in advance friends.

Fun! :slight_smile:

Would this workflow work for your requirements?

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Alas, this is why I tender aid from the professionals. I didn’t even consider adding a node you sly genius. I was able to quickly and easily replicate your work.

This will absolutely work for my needs, I was trying to get this to work on the triangle cut out of an “A” and was stumped and thought I’d hit the forum to soapbox for radical change haha.

Thank you so much for taking to time to educate me.

We like the thinking, so keep pitching. Glad this works for what you are doing. I forgot to share that we do have a dedicated Feature Request site, available at the top-right of the forum. We ask that folks use search, so they are not duplicating existing ideas, but we love getting suggestions. :hugs:

Well now I know for any future ideas I get and I’ll definitely put that to use at some point. Thanks again, it definitely feels like Lightburn at least in the forum serves as a community of very helpful individuals, and its nice to know the company also listens and is as helpful as it is through key players like you.

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