Lead-in lines in reverse direction

As I remember previous versions of LightBurn, now in 0.9.24 I have strange behavior of the lead-in lines.
I’d like to cut holes into the metal sheet.
I have one layer. I make the picture of the rectangle and holes in it.
When I render the drawing, all the holes have lead-in lines outside their shapes.

What’s different from the previous versions? (last time I have used 0.9.20)

Anyway, it would be nice to toggle outside/inside lead-in lines per object or at least per layer.
branka1.lbrn2 (13.0 KB)

Maybe I should write, what I remember from the previous versions: When I have shapes inside some other shape, the outside one had the lead-in out, the inside had it in, as long as they were in one layer. Now I’m trying to move objects between layers, but nothing happens. So there’s definitely something weird. Right now I’m solving another hard job: just holes. Without the outside shape. That’s almost unreal to make just holes, so I have to make the outside shape - which is, unfortunatelly, the same size as the material. So I know I have to stop the processing at the right time (because the outside shape goes last). Anyway, I still can’t put all the lead-in lines INTO inner shapes, even if I make the outside one.

Uhh… the solution should be Lead-in Control

So, the problem looks like solved. But there’s another one:
I selected the starting point and the direction of the outline shape to cut the first line the bottom one. That’s because the material is too long and I want just cut it to the propper size. When I make just a line, all the lead-in lines reverse their direction, so I have to make the closed shape. So I’ve done. Seems OK, but… the starting point is ignored.

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