Lead-In moving on its own

For some reason when I nudge these duplicated letters left and right the lead-in inside the letter “A” moves location from the inside center where it should be to the outside top. Here’s two screenshots along with the file for review.

While I can clearly see in the images you post, I am not finding the same in the LBRN2 file you post when opening from the latest public release of LightBurn (1.4.01).

How did you get the second image, the one showing the incorrect lead-ins? Something is different, and I’m trying to determine the reason(s). What can you share about your process? :slight_smile:

I’m using the latest release of LightBurn as well. What I did was duplicate the original “ASER” logo, rotate it 180 degrees from center then change the alignment by nudging it over with shift and arrow. It seemed like when I got it in a certain position, the lead-in would change and if I nudged the logo back, the lead-in would change back.

Before I duplicated the original logo, I did add a node to the center of the inside of the “A” for the lead-in to start from. Hopefully you can replicate it.

I am not observing the same. If you can consistently reproduce this behavior, please share the exact steps taken to do so. I will continue to test different workflows to see what I find, but so far, things are working as I’d expect.

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