Lead in question

Why is this happening when i use the lead in at a -40 all my starts come out fine except for one hole.
I have to put the number 5 hole on its own layer so the laser starts inside and not outside like shown.
Is this something in the software or is it me.

Thank You

SPEED CONTROL REV2.lbrn (152.6 KB)

I think the cut optimizer is trying to do everything it can to try to accommodate all requests even when not possible and it’s breaking some of your intention.

Note that if you turn off cut optimizations you’ll likely get different results again. And note that if you only try to simulate the cut of one object at a time you’ll likely get different results.

Check out this version. I’ve manually set the start point for most of the cutouts to help with the cut path.

That made a big difference.
Thank You.

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