Leaving lines between engraving images

When engraving the laser is also filling in the moves between cuts, the red lines on preview. Chinese 50w Laser. Any ideas, thanks

Thanks, I did find a similar post. My controller is a Ruida and other post suggests it’s a problem with the power supply. All seemed to start when I rotated my laser tube to get rid of air bubble.

50W Chinese and Topwisdom controller

Check to make sure that the connections between the high-voltage power supply and the controller are correct and intact. Otherwise, it could be an issue with the power supply itself.

All connections are OK, looks like new power unit required. All started when I rotated the tube 90% to release trapped air bubble. When I fired up the machine there was arcing near the tube. I rotated the tube back to original position, no more arcing, but the laser problem started. So guess it had something to do with that how the PSU damaged. Thanks

If the tube arced to the case, that could have damaged the high voltage power supply.

My laser has the same problem. To fix it temporarily I go to console and type $$32=1 and this fixes it for me but only until I restart the software, then I have to repeat the process again. I sent an email to support asking for help

This would be a problem with your controller, not the software. The controller itself interprets those $ commands and stores the settings in the controller EEPROM. If it doesn’t survive a reset, it’s because whoever compiled the firmware version you’re using decided to force the settings on startup. You would need to contact whoever made your controller to ask them if there’s a version available that doesn’t do that.

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