Leetro Controllers

Anyone managed to run LB on one of these?

Leetro controllers are not currently supported by LightBurn.

Hi Anthony,

Do you know of any reason why a Leetro-based laser couldn’t be upgraded using the new LaserBoard?

Am interested in one but not prepared to give up using LB for it.


You should have no issues using the Laserboard instead of the Leetro. For about $100 more you could get a Ruida 6442G DSP controller that would work with LightBurn (LightBurn was originally developed for the Ruida 6442G) Most of the connections are virtually the same.

Thanks for that. Tough choice as I have a Mini in existing one.

Any thoughts which is better; LaserBoard or Ruida?

The Ruida DSP is the winner in my eyes, I have both and the Ruida does have it’s advantages, rastering speed is faster, can restart an engraving job after an accidental power outage, and can run without a computer being actively hooked up to it. But they are both solid controllers.

I can see I am going to have a difficult choice if I go ahead and buy the machine. Stick with C3D who have a great support network or go with the technically better Ruida.

Either way, big thanks to you for sharing your experience.

Much appreciated.


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