Leetro to Ruida Upgrade - problem firing laser

I have a Chinese machine from Rabbit Laser. It came with a Leetro MPC6565 and I decided to change to a Ruida 6442 so I can use Lightburn. I’ve managed to sort out most of the wiring but I’ve got an odd problem with regards to the laser firing.

The power supply is a MYJG60L. The pinouts and LED’s are slightly different that what I’ve seen on pictures of this PS on the Internet. The pinouts are labeled H, L, P, G, IN, and 5v. My understanding is that these are fire high, fire low, water protect, ground, on signal, and 5 volts.

On the MPC6565 the laser control pinouts are GND, LAS-, LAS+, PWM-, PWM+, DA2, and DA1. When the Leetro was wired in, GND went to G, LAS- went to H, and DA1 went to IN.

On the Ruida controller I have GND, L-On1, LPWM1, WP1, and L-AN1. I wired GND to G, L-AN1 to IN, and L-On1 to H.

Now for the weirdness. With it hooked up this way if the machine is not running a program and I’m just jogging around the laser is off as it should be. Pulse is set to continuous in the controller. If I press and hold the pulse button nothing happens until I release the button at which time it fires a quick pulse. So it’s firing the pulse on the release of the pulse button. If I run a program, the laser is on as soon as it leaves its home position, off for all cutting moves, on for all traverse moves, and on as it returns to the origin.

Any clue what I’ve got wrong here?

I followed this:

Wondering if maybe I need to change the wire going to trigger high on the power supply to trigger low?

To answer my own question and hopefully help anyone else that runs into this issue, switching to trigger low from trigger high solved the issue.

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THANK YOU Travisr100! You saved me hours of searching. I switched from Leetro to Ruida as well and had the same exact problem as this. Thanks for posting up your results.

Glad it helped. Had me scratching my head for a little bit.

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