Left handed rotary

Just learning LB, I have been using RDW for 18 months, everything seems fine and easy to use.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to tell the software that my rotary devices head is on the left-hand side and not the right as the default setup seems to expect. I know I can rotate and mirror but I work with a lot of text and that just hurts my head.

Yes, I can put the rotary unit in with the head on the right but it is easier to operate if you support the object and adjust the rotary device with your right, I also have the device marked for several object types that would have to be remarked but even worse is the locking point is on the front when left-handed and would be at the back when right-handed and would mean constantly reaching over to an allen bolt that you cannot see.

Did that option exist in RDWorks? It’s something I’ve planned, but I don’t have a specific time frame for it.

no, the option is not there but it seems to work natively for the left-handed head,

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