Length and width change when I rotate a design

I have not had an issue with this until today. After setting the desired height & width I then rotated the graphic several degrees in my lightburn workspace to make the best usage of the material it was to be cut from. The piece cut out at the wrong dimensions by at least 12mm. I have all axis calibrated within 0.02mm I also noticed when I rotate the vector the dimensions show they are changing to something entirely different to what I specified. I read somewhere that the changing I’m seeing of dimensions is just what the objet is in reference to the workspace or something along those lines. I thought that was just your X Y.
Ruida controller, OmTech 80watt 20x28bed.

Length and width change - when rotate

Yes, you are seeing the bounding box measurements change. Below, are 2 50mm squares, which will produce the same when cut, yet note the bounding box numbers are different due to rotation. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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